November 2018 Club Meeting
7:00 PM19:00

November 2018 Club Meeting

Our Guest Speaker will be Landi Simone. Landi will be presenting two talks this evening. “The Whys and Hows of Raising and Wintering Nucleus Colonies.” and “Keeping Bees in Populated Areas.”

Landi Simone is owner of Gooserock Farm, LLC, a small scale commercial beekeeping operation in northern New Jersey. She manages 130 colonies and produces premium varietal honeys and honey & wax products. Landi became an EAS Master Beekeeper in 2004 and serves as Chair of the Master Beekeeper Certification Committee for EAS. She is committed to beekeeping education, and has taught a local short course in beekeeping for 17 years, as well as being a frequent presenter at both EAS and various bee clubs. Landi has several helpful YouTube videos including “Reading the Frames” and “Queen Banks”.

Landi’s practical approach to beekeeping stems in part from her background:; she is a retired consulting civil engineer with degrees from Columbia University and Rutgers. She finds her second career in apiculture every bit as challenging as engineering and a lot more fun.

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