We collaborate & educate to preserve the future of honeybees.

Bristol County Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. We are dedicated to the support of local beekeepers and the advancement of responsible Apiculture through informational meetings, workshops, mentor support, community outreach, and educational programs. New members and interested friends are encouraged to attend meetings and/or enroll in the introductory beekeeping course offered every February and September.  
Membership is open to all.  Annual membership dues are $20.00 and can be for an individual or a household of family members.
Funds generated though the club are applied to community outreach events, scholarships and educational programs. 

All photography provided by Bristol County Beekeepers' Members

 This photo by Amy Tessier shows varroa mites on a honey bee. 

This photo by Amy Tessier shows varroa mites on a honey bee. 


Whether you are already a beekeeper, are thinking about becoming one or just want to learn more and meet some cool beekeepers!

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 Tina McDonald shows us a top bar hive. 

Tina McDonald shows us a top bar hive. 

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Learn how important honey bees are to our ecosystem and our food supply. Be informed about the detrimental pesticide practices that threaten all our pollenators.  

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Bristol County Beekeepers Association Inc.'s next Introductory Beekeeping course will begin in September of 2018.

Registration for Bee School is now open. Walk-ins will not be accepted. 

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